Santuario delle Divine Chtoniche


Just behind the Tempio dei Dioscuri is a complex of altars and small buildings believed to be part of the Santuario di Demetra e Kore. The Sanctuary of the Chthonic Deities, as it is known, dates from the early 6th century BC.

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1. Giardino della Kolymbetra

0.05 MILES

In a natural cleft between walls of soft tuff (volcanic rock), the Giardino della Kolymbetra is a lush garden of olive and citrus trees interspersed with…

2. Tempio dei Dioscuri

0.11 MILES

Four columns mark the Tempio dei Dioscuri, also known as the Temple of Castor and Pollux. Built towards the end of the 5th century, it was destroyed by…

3. Tempio di Giove

0.18 MILES

The main feature of the western zone is the crumbled ruin of the Tempio di Giove. Covering an area of 112m by 56m with columns 20m high, this would have…

4. Tempio di Ercole

0.29 MILES

The last of the temples in the eastern zone, the Tempio di Ercole is the oldest, dating from the end of the 6th century BC. Eight of its 38 columns have…

5. Tomba di Terone

0.34 MILES

A little temple set on a high base, the Tomb of Theron dates to 75 BC, about 500 years after the death of Theron, Agrigento's Greek tyrant.

6. Museo Archeologico


North of the temples, this wheelchair-accessible museum is one of Sicily's finest, with a huge collection of clearly labelled artefacts from the excavated…

7. Tempio della Concordia

0.59 MILES

One of the best-preserved ancient Greek temples in existence, the Temple of Concordia has survived almost entirely intact since it was constructed in 430…

8. Quartiere Ellenistico-Romano

0.62 MILES

To the east of the Museo Archeologico is the Hellenistic-Roman Quarter, featuring a well-preserved street layout which was part of urban Akragas (and…