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The fascinating tradition of Sartiglia - Day Trip from Cagliari

After we will leave Cagliari, we'll drive straight to Oristano to watch the famous celebration of the Sartiglia. Arrived in Oristano, we will follow the dressing of the judge Eleonora D'Arborea who, riding her horse, will open the parade with the knights in medieval costume.After that, we will walk throught the streets of Oristano, where you are going to have the chance to buy and taste typical Sardinian food and the Vernaccia, the typical wine of Oristano. At 1pm will start the race, with Su Compoidori, king of the carousel, where riders and horses, accompanied by drums and trumpets, they gallop in an attempt to put their thin sword inside the star hanging in front of them. The more stars the knights will take, the more chances there will be for the spring crop to be abundant. After the race to the star, in the afternoon, we will move to another road, where we will assist to the spectacular "pariglias", in which the riders, in groups of three, will perform acrobatics on their horses at a gallop.At the end of the celebrations, we will drive back to Cagliari.

$1541.36 Tours & Sightseeing

7-D Biking on the Coral Coast,from Alghero to Oristano

DAY 1 Benvenuti to Alghero & to Coral CoastMeet & greet, bike fitting and Orientation, bike-test in the old-town in Alghero. Alghero is a lively and pretty city and a flourishing tourist attraction not only for the summer masses and elite tourism, but also for a new cosmopolitanism. Overnight in AlgheroDAY 2 Capo Caccia & Argentiera mine areaCycling: round trip from Alghero to Capo Caccia and Palmadula. Pedaling towards north Sardinia, we will encounter terrific beaches and landscapes; we will arrive to the cliff of Capo Caccia where is possible reach the sea by the narrow stairs. Dinner in Alghero for discover the algherese specialties. DAY 3 Bosa & Malvasia.Bike ride from Alghero to Bosa: skirt the coast on rolling hills terrain. You depart Alghero biking up on beautiful uplands, viewing unforgettable landscapes. Admire the massive castello Malaspina in Bosa and be sure to taste Malvasia wine. Overnight in BosaDAY 4 Santu Lussurgiu, medieval hilltown.Bike ride from Bosa to Santu Lussurgiu: pass small villages and the Siete Fuentes water sources, You’ll come across lots of Nuraghe and suggestive landscapes, such as the highplateau right before arriving into Santu Lussurgiu, which has been built at the edge of the massive inactive volcanic mountain called Montiferru. Overnight in Santu LussurgiuDAY 5 Oristano & Sightseeing.Bike ride from Santu Lussurgiu to Oristano: pass through a lot of Punic and Roman ruins in Fordongianus, or will be enthusiastic of the crystalline water and sandy beaches if you take the longer version! There’s also a particular Statue carved by the wind after many ages: S’Archittu arch. Overnight in OristanoDAY 6 Tharros and the Sinis PeninsulaLoop bike ride from Oristano to the Sinis peninsula via Cabras: flat terrain today, pedaling near the seaside in the Sinis Peninsula: Cabras, Tharros, there are plenty of ponds and lagoons and where, depending on the season, you will be able to see pink flamingos; visit the ruins of the Punic-Roman port city of “Tharros” with a breathtaking view. Overnight in OristanoDAY 7 Arrivederci or ride to Villanovaforru. After breakfast end of the tour, or loop bike ride around to Oristano, if you have enough time before to leave