Chiesa di San Lussorio

Eastern Sardinia

The blessedly simple 14th-century Chiesa di San Lussorio is one of Oliena's wonderful old churches.

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1. Monte Ortobene

3.99 MILES

About 7km east of Nuoro is the granite peak of Monte Ortobene (955m), covered in thick woods of ilex, pine, fir and poplar, and capped by a 7m-high bronze…

2. Grotta di Sa Ohe

4.38 MILES

Hidden deep in the Valle di Lanaittu are the Grotta Sa Ohe and Su Ventu, two caves linked by a natural siphon. The former, open to the public, is a wild…

3. Sa Sedda ‘e Sos Carros

4.39 MILES

The 5-hectare site of Sa Sedda ‘e Sos Carros is sprinkled with the remains of some 150 nuraghe huts, but the standout attraction – unique among Sardinia's…

4. Grotta Corbeddu

4.39 MILES

Named for Giovanni Corbeddu, the notorious 19th-century bandit who used to hide out here, this 150m-deep cave has also been the site of ongoing…

5. Parco Colle Sant’Onofrio

4.84 MILES

A short wander uphill from the centre of town brings you to the quiet Parco Colle Sant’Onofrio, which commands broad mountain views. From the highest…

6. Museo Etnografico Sardo

4.86 MILES

Beautifully renovated in 2016, this museum zooms in on Sardinian folklore, harbouring a peerless collection of filigree jewellery, carpets, tapestries,…

7. Cattedrale di Santa Maria della Neve

4.95 MILES

A big, dusky peach-coloured wedding cake of a church, the 19th-century Cattedrale di Santa Maria della Neve is one of 300 or so Italian churches dedicated…

8. Museo Ciusa

4.96 MILES

This museum houses the permanent collection of Nuoro's excellent art museum and has an entire wing devoted to the works of renowned Nuoro-born sculptor…