The 11th-century cathedral is one of Puglia's oldest Romanesque buildings and an extravagant treat. It's dedicated to San Cataldo, an Irish monk who lived and was buried here in the 7th century. Within, the Capella di San Cataldo is a baroque riot of frescoes and polychrome marble inlay.

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1. Temple of Poseidon

0.28 MILES

This 6th-century BC Doric temple is one of the few visible remains of the once-great Greek colony of Taras. The last two surviving columns and the…

2. Castello Aragonese

0.35 MILES

Guarding the swing bridge that joins the old and new parts of town, this impressive 15th-century structure, built on Norman and Byzantine predecessors,…

4. Palazzo del Governo


The gigantic rust-red 1930s Palazzo del Governo, inaugurated by Mussolini, is a forbidding and masculine structure, expressive of the fascist ideas of…

5. Palazzo Ducale

16.85 MILES

Built over an existing castle in 1668, this imposing baroque palace has had a multitude of functions over the years, and is now the office of the civic…

6. Rione Monti

21.15 MILES

Within the old town quarter of Rione Monti more than 1000 trulli cascade down the hillside, many of which are now souvenir shops. The area is surprisingly…

7. Rione Aia Piccola

21.23 MILES

On the eastern side of Via Indipendenza is Rione Aia Piccola. This neighbourhood is much less commercialised than Rione Monti, with 400 trulli, many still…

8. Trullo Sovrano

21.49 MILES

Trullo Sovrano dates in parts to the early 17th century­, and is Alberobello's only two-floor trullo. Built by a wealthy priest’s family, it’s now a small…