Chiesa di Madre di Buon Consiglio


Chiesa di Madre di Buon Consiglio is a snack-sized replica of St Peter’s in Rome completed in 1960.

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1. Catacombe di San Gennaro

0.03 MILES

Naples' oldest and most sacred catacombs became a Christian pilgrimage site when San Gennaro's body was interred here in the 5th century. The carefully…

2. Museo di Capodimonte

0.24 MILES

Originally designed as a hunting lodge for Charles VII of Bourbon, the monumental Palazzo di Capodimonte was begun in 1738 and took more than a century to…

3. Real Bosco di Capodimonte

0.33 MILES

Parco di Capodimonte makes for a blissful chill, with lakes, a wood and various 18th-century buildings, including former royal porcelain workshop Palazzo…

5. Laboratorio Michele Iodice

0.36 MILES

For an evocative encounter with Naples' contemporary art scene, book a visit to Michele Iodice's studio. Located in a spectacular 18th-century quarry, the…

6. Palazzo Sanfelice

0.54 MILES

Ferdinando Sanfelice’s debut staircase is this double-ramped diva inside the Palazzo Sanfelice. Upon its completion in 1726 it became the talk of the town…

7. Celanapoli

0.55 MILES

Naples' oldest necropolis, these ancient-Greek aristocratic tombs were hewn into the city’s buttery tufa rock around the 4th century BC. Hidden just a few…

8. Cimitero delle Fontanelle


Holding about eight million human bones, the ghoulish Fontanelle Cemetery was first used during the 1656 plague, before becoming Naples' main burial site…