Hiking down Mt. Vesuvius

Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio

Mt Vesuvius

The Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio was established in 1995.

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1. Mt Vesuvius

0.08 MILES

Since exploding into history in AD 79, Vesuvius has blown its top more than 30 times. What redeems this slumbering menace is the spectacular panorama from…

3. MAV

4.23 MILES

Using computer-generated recreations, this 'virtual archaeological museum' brings ruins such as Pompeii's forum and Capri's Villa Jovis back to virtual…

4. Mercato di Pugliano

4.29 MILES

Straddling Via Pugliano in the heart of Ercolano, Italy's largest pre-loved clothing market sells everything from stock-standard junk to fabulous offbeat…

5. Decumano Massimo

4.36 MILES

Herculaneum's ancient high street is lined with shops, and fragments of advertisements; look for the wall fresco advertising wines by colour code and…

6. Casa del Bel Cortile

4.37 MILES

The Casa del Bel Cortile is home to three of the 300 skeletons discovered on the ancient shore by archaeologists in 1980. Almost two millennia after the…

7. Casa di Nettuno e Anfitrite

4.38 MILES

This aristocratic pad takes its name from the extraordinary mosaic in the triclinium (dining room), which also features a mosaic-encrusted nymphaeum …

8. Oplontis

4.38 MILES

Buried beneath the unappealing streets of Torre Annunziata, Oplontis was once a blue-ribbon seafront suburb under the administrative control of Pompeii…