Casa di Nettuno e Anfitrite

Bay of Naples

This aristocratic pad takes its name from the extraordinary mosaic in the triclinium (dining room), which also features a mosaic-encrusted nymphaeum (fountain and bath as a shrine to the water nymph). The warm colours in which the sea god and his nymph bride are depicted hint at how lavish the original interior must have been.

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1. Casa del Bel Cortile

0.01 MILES

The Casa del Bel Cortile is home to three of the 300 skeletons discovered on the ancient shore by archaeologists in 1980. Almost two millennia after the…

2. Decumano Massimo

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Herculaneum's ancient high street is lined with shops, and fragments of advertisements; look for the wall fresco advertising wines by colour code and…

3. Terme Femminili

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A quick walk along Cardo IV leads you to the women's section of the Terme del Foro, the Terme Femminili. Though smaller than its male equivalent, it…

4. Casa del Gran Portale

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Named after the elegant brick Corinthian columns that flank its main entrance, the House of the Large Portal is home to some well-preserved wall paintings.

5. Terme Maschili

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The Terme Maschili were the men's section of the Terme del Foro (Forum Baths). Note the ancient latrine to the left of the entrance before you step into…

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An ancient mansion, the House of the Mosaic Atrium harbours extensive floor tile-work, although time and nature have left the floor buckled and uneven…