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With the exception of the south shore and a series of tunnels at the northeast end of the lake, the road closely hugs the water on its circuit around Lake Iseo and is especially dramatic south of Lovere. Various back roads also lead high up behind Lovere for magnificent views.

To the lake's north stretches the Valle Camonica, famed for its Stone Age rock carvings. To the south stretches the rolling Franciacorta wine country and, to the west, the picture-book-pretty Lake Endine.

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Franciacorta Wine-Tasting and Fashion Tour from Milan

Hop aboard your air-conditioned coach at 11:30am in Milan, then take your seat and relax on route into the beautiful Franciacorta wine region, where ancient vineyards and spectacular scenery await.During your tour, visit a local winery and explore the vineyards with your guide. Learn of the different grape varietals in production, and gain insight into the traditional and modern methods of wine production used. Afterward, taste three different wines — including the well-known 'Satin' and 'Bollicine' varietals — and savor the delicate flavors in your glass. Chat with the vineyard owners and winemakers, then enjoy a light lunch among the vines and rolling hills — accompanied by a glass of sparkling white wine.Continue on to the Franciacorta fashion outlet, located between Lake Garda and Lake Iseo. On arrival, browse the boutiques and rails at your leisure and enjoy discounts of up to 70% on some of the world’s most famous international labels.When your time in the Franciacorta fashion outlet comes to an end, return in comfort to central Milan to conclude your tour.

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4-days Franciacorta luxury weekend wine break

Discover Franciacorta and enjoy a long luxury weekend visiting renowned wineries, walking through the vineyards and enjoying sparkling wines.You will be staying in a fabulous, elegant and charming hotel in the hills of Franciacorta, an old luxury country manor on the Lake Iseo shore. Restore your mind and body with special relaxing treatments in the awesome renowned hotel Spa. Enjoy a welcome cocktail upon arrival and an introduction to the Franciacorta wine region.Franciacorta is one of the most beautiful regions in Lombardy, filled with churches and monasteries perched on the hills, towers of medieval villages, 16th century palaces, historic houses and ancient noble 18th century farmsteads.The tour will focus on Franciacorta sparkling wines (Brut, Rosè, Satèn, Pas Dosè), using a Pinot Noir and Chardonnay blend. You will have the opportunity to learn all about the Franciacorta sparkling wine, the Italian Champagne, taste it, feel its scent and learn to combine it with local food products.You will enjoy two winery visits and learn all about the production methods. You will also visit a distillery in an enchanting hamlet, rebuilt on a 6th century parish church, where you will be tasting different grappa and herbs spirits (like Nocino or chestnut acquavite).During an amazing exclusive cooking class, you’ll have the chance to learn how to pair wine the traditional recipes, under the careful guidance of a local chef.Enjoy a guided tour of Brescia, the main city in the Franciacorta wine region. Visit Santa Giulia, UNESCO World Heritage Site from 2011, and the Tempio Capitolino, one of the most important temples of Northern Italy, built in 73 AC by Vespasiano, and the ruins of the ancient Theatre, built for about 15.000 people.You will also vist Mantua city, with the marvellous frescoed galleries of the Palazzo Ducale and the enchanting Palazzo Te’, with its superb architecture and frescoes of XVI century.

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7-Days Italian Lakes and Riviera Tour from Milan

Day 1 Depart at 8:30am from the Starhotel Ritz in Milan to Lake Orta, a small and charming lake situated in the North-eastern side of the region Piedmont. Stop in the beautiful village of Orta San Giulio for a short visit. Then, take a private boat to the island of San Giulio, just in front of the village. After a short visit, back to Orta and depart by bus to Stresa, on Lake Maggiore. Free time for lunch. In the afternoon, tour Pescatori (Fishermen island) and Bella island by private boat. Return to Stresa. At the end of the visit depart to Como. Overnight in the heart of Como.Day 2 (B)After breakfast take a short visit of Como, an amazing small province rich of atmospheres, panoramas, and human takeovers. Board the boat to Bellagio. Free time for lunch. In the afternoon depart to Bergamo with a panoramic tour along the coast of the lake. The city is characterized by a division of the urban structure on two levels, the 'Lower town', modern and dynamic, and the famous 'Upper town', a truly historic and artistic jewel. Short walking tour inside the city center then transfer to the hotel. Overnight in Bergamo city centre.Day 3 (B)Have breakfast, depart for Lake Garda, the largest in Italy. Take a boat and get a nice view of the Sirmione Cape, the castle and the Catullo’s ruins. Next, depart for Riva del Garda on the north side of the lake. Its historic center shows the signs of the Venetian domain. Free time for lunch and then head to Verona. Overnight at the core of Verona.Day 4 (B)Have breakfast at the hotel. Visit the famous city of Verona, both ancient and modern. Stroll through its narrow streets and get in touch with its varied and fascinating past. In the afternoon depart for Genoa, with a stop at Lake Iseo and have some free time for lunch. Overnight in the centre of Genoa.Day 5 (B)Have breakfast and head to Sanremo, defined as the city of flowers and sun, known all over the world for the Italian Song Festival. Free time for lunch. In the afternoon return to Genoa along the Rivera di Ponente, passing through characteristic villages. Overnight at the hotel.Day 6 (B)Have breakfast and depart for Portovenere, a fishermen village located at the end of La Spezia Gulf. Ferry to Cinque Terre (if the atmospheric conditions don’t permit the boarding, the visit will be done with a panoramic itinerary in a minibus.) Free time for lunch. In the afternoon it's back to Genoa. Day 7 (B)Have breakfast and depart for Rapallo. Then, head to Portofino. Around a little square, you can have a nice view of a group of high, colored and picturesque houses. Finally, stop in Santa Margherita, famous seaside city of Riviera di Levante and free time for lunch. Return to Milan in the afternoon.

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Sparkling Franciacorta Private Wine Tour with Lunch and Wineries Visit

Our friendly English-speaking driver will pick you up from your hotel and will take you to Franciacorta. It is a small picturesque wine region whose sloping hills overlook the shores of Lake Iseo, home to Italy's best sparkling wines and it's best kept secret. The two wineries you are going to visit during the tour are among the founders of wine-making in this region and now produce most prestigious brands of Franciacorta wines. It is a boutique business that caters to the sophisticated epicurean and its quality reaches the highest level. To achieve this, wine makers take care and attention in to every step of the production process, favouring a craftsman method which is now almost forgotten. During your visit, which includes an extensive wine tastings, local expert guide will explain to you the entire course of wine production, ageing and bottling. The wines of Franciacorta are produced using the classic champagne method. They are Italy’s answer to champagne and known the world over by connoisseurs.When you enter the first winery you will feel like you are in a gallery of modern art. Everything here is perfectly situated and the impressive architecture benefits from the clear light typical of this region. During your visit, which includes an extensive tasting, your private tour guide and sommelier will explain to you the entire course of wine production, including how it is aged and bottled. You will discover the secrets of the methods used, the difference between champagne and white sparkling wines, the methods and their variety. Tasting the best wines of Franciacorta will open up to you new fragrances while refining your ability to distinguish different varieties. You will also be able see inside the cool, closed recesses of the wine cellar, which is itself an historical fund. These are old vintage wines in dusty bottles and each one of them is precious. Following your lunch, you will continue to the second winery, which is one of the most remarkable in Franciacorta and is located in a picturesque valley that boasts beautiful views of the vineyards and Lake Iseo. Here a local expert will tell you the history of sparkling wine in the region and reveal the secrets of its production. You will walk you through cellars where you learn about the winery’s unique production technique of aging all of its wines in barrels. You will explore the process of winemaking, aging and bottling, and taste some delicious sparkling wines. After your tasting in the first winery, you will lunch on gourmet food in one of Franciacorta’s finest restaurants. You will be served the best of local cuisine with the wines that take their name from the town and which you will, by now, be familiar with. Franciacorta and Brescia are proud of their rich culinary traditions like dishes based on lake fish, which perfectly match the light wines of Franciacorta, and traditional rural cuisine, specializing in meat-based dishes. 

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Bergamo Highlights and Franciacorta Wine Tour with Lunch from Milan

Your personal driver will pick you up from your hotel and take you to Bergamo where your tour will start with the visit to the stunning historic centre, which is one of northern Italy’s most beguiling cities, situated in the Alpine foothills. You will be taken on a guided walking tour that will reveal the secrets of Bergamo old town.  Built on two levels, the lower city is more modern and dynamic, whilst the famous ‘upper city’ boasts a stunning historic centre full of monuments and works of art.After the city tour you will be invited to a three-course gourmet lunch, served with Franciacorta wines, in a picturesque restaurant surrounded by vineyards.In the afternoon, our wine and sightseeing tour will take you to Franciacorta wine region. The winery is one of the most prestigious in Franciacorta and is located in a picturesque valley that boasts beautiful views of the vineyards and Lake Iseo. Here a local expert will tell you the history of sparkling wine in the region and reveal the secrets of its production. You will walk you through cellars where you learn about the winery’s unique production technique of aging all of its wines in barrels.  You will explore the process of winemaking, aging and bottling, and taste some delicious sparkling wines. Franciacorta is internationally praised as one of the best regions in Italy producing sparkling wine according to the champagne method and this winery is lauded as one of the best producers in Franciacorta. Your wine tour will end with an extensive tasting of some finest and most sophisticated versions of Franciacorta before your chauffeur drives you back to the hotel.  We guarantee your total satisfaction, unforgettable experience and an amazing fun during the tour!

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Three Lakes and More

DAY 1 Arona Lake MaggioreMeeting in Arona.Welcome from the staff, presentation of the bike dinnerDAY 2  Arona - Santa Maria Maggiore-82 km, Departure from Arona, Piedmontese town on the shores of Lake Maggiore. We ride alongside the the lake and then get ready to deal with the Val Cannobina ascent. From the lake we go up to Sella di Pian di Sale which leads to the Val Vigezzo. And there’s no need to worry about the climb because our minibus is always nearby, so we can relax as we ride through the splendid mountains of Val Vigezzo,also known as the "Valley of Painters" Pedaling onwards we then reach the largest and most important town in the valley: Santa Maria Maggiore, a historic village situated on a high plain at just over 800 m a.s.l. Time to relax before dinner together.DAY 3Santa Maria Maggiore - Laveno -90KmAfter an energetic breakfast, we start for a long but easy ride. After riding through Re, the last municipality of Val Vigezzo we enter Switzerland in the Canton Ticino, heading to Locarno, situated on the north shore of Lake Maggiore.Heading for Luino we continue along the lake for the last part of our ride to Laveno-Mombello. This important town on the eastern shore of the lake is well-known for its marina.DAY 4 Cernobbio-Dongo 64KmWe trensfer by minibus to Lake Como. We cycle from Cernobbio, renowned tourist resort on the western shore of the lake, and ride along the lake to Argegno. Here, the Val d'Intelvi ascent is waiting for us: a mountain valley in the province of Como near the Swiss border with San Fedele . its main town.DAY 5 Dongo- Bellagio-Madonna del Ghisallo -87 km, 500m difference in altitudeWe leave from Dongo and, following the road along the lake we reach Varenna where we take a ferry to Bellagio, one of the most beautiful towns of the lake with its splendid views.Here start an epic ascent: Madonna del Ghisallo, patroness of cyclist.In later times.DAY 6 Tour of Lake Iseo and Montisola Transfer by minibus to Lake Iseo.We then carry on to Lovere, Sale Marasino and Sulzano where we will take the ferry to Montisola, together with our bikes. Montisola is the largest lake island in Europe making it an ideal destination for a day trip on our road bikes because cars are not allowed. Montisola became famous in 2016 when it hosted the celebrated project of Christo 'The Floating Piers' a temporary pedestrian footbridge across the lake, from Sulzano to Montisola and the private island of St. PaulDAY 7 Arona Lake MaggioreBreakfast and transfer to Arona.