Parco Archeologico di Muggia Vecchia

La Costiera Triestina

Above the old fishing port of Muggia, at the top of Monte Castellier (170m), is a small archaeological park with the ruins of the original Roman castrum dating to the 1st century BC. Also in the park is the beautiful 14th-century, Romanesque Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta, which is covered in charming Byzantine frescoes. From here there is a fantastic panoramic view across the Bay of the Trieste and all the way to the Slovenian border.

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1. Risiera di San Sabba

2.29 MILES

This former rice-husking plant became a concentration camp in 1943 and has been a national monument and museum since the 1960s. The site commemorates the…

2. Civico Museo Sartorio

3.23 MILES

This elegant urban villa set in a large garden belonged to the haute bourgeoisie Sartorio family, who amassed a huge collection of art, ceramics and…

3. Museo Revoltella


This extraordinary house-museum was the home of wealthy Triestini merchant Pasquale Revoltella, who made his fortune in the timber industry and had a hand…

4. Statue of Italo Svevo

3.34 MILES

Triestine modernist writer Italo Svevo is celebrated in this touching bronze, a companion piece to his great friend, James Joyce.

5. Museo Joyce & Svevo

3.34 MILES

James Joyce would enjoy the irony: his museum really belongs to friend and fellow literary great, Italo Svevo, housing a significant collection of the…

7. Arco di Riccardo


The Arco di Riccardo is one of the Roman town gateways, dating from 33 BC, and overlooks a pretty residential square. The gate is named for the English…

8. Castello di San Giusto

3.42 MILES

Once a Roman fort, this sturdy 15th-century castle was begun by Frederick of Habsburg and finished off by blow-in Venetians. The city museum is housed…