Villa di Diomede


A once-elegant ancient villa attributed to Marcus Arrius Diomedes, whose tomb lies opposite the monumental entrance.

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1. Villa dei Misteri


This restored, 90-room villa is one of the most complete structures left standing in Pompeii. The Dionysiac frieze, the most important fresco still on…

2. Porta Ercolano

0.13 MILES

One of Pompeii's ancient city gates, Porta Ercolano was designed with three passageways. While the central one was used for vehicles, the two peripheral…

3. Casa del Poeta Tragico


The 1st-century AD Casa del Poeta Tragico features the world's first-known 'beware of the dog' – cave canem – warnings. Visible through a protective glass…

4. Casa dei Vettii

0.31 MILES

The Casa dei Vettii is home to a famous depiction of Priapus with his gigantic phallus balanced on a pair of scales…much to the anxiety of many a male…

5. Casa del Fauno

0.32 MILES

Covering an entire insula (city block) and claiming two atria at its front end (humbler homes had one), Pompeii's largest private house is named after the…

7. Terme Suburbane

0.34 MILES

Just outside ancient Pompeii's city walls, this 1st-century-BC bathhouse is famous for several erotic frescoes that scandalised the Vatican when they were…

8. Porta Marina

0.34 MILES

The ruin of Pompeii's main entrance is at Porta Marina, the most impressive of the seven gates that punctuated the ancient town walls. A busy passageway…