Bay of Naples

Some 3km north of Pompeii, the archaeological site of Boscoreale consists of a rustic country villa dating back to the 1st century BC, and a fascinating antiquarium showcasing artefacts from Pompeii, Herculaneum and the surrounding region. Among the more unusual items on display are shreds of Roman fabric, eggshells from Pompeii, and a carbonised loaf of bread. The ancient villa itself is currently inaccessible, though clearly visible from the grounds.

To reach the site by public transport, take the Circumvesuviana train to Villa Regina–Antiquarium station. From the station, it's an easy 700m walk to the ruins – head north along Via Settetermini, then turn left into Viale Villa Regina. The route is signposted.

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1. Villa dei Misteri

0.65 MILES

This restored, 90-room villa is one of the most complete structures left standing in Pompeii. The Dionysiac frieze, the most important fresco still on…

2. Villa di Diomede

0.74 MILES

A once-elegant ancient villa attributed to Marcus Arrius Diomedes, whose tomb lies opposite the monumental entrance.

3. Porta Ercolano

0.85 MILES

One of Pompeii's ancient city gates, Porta Ercolano was designed with three passageways. While the central one was used for vehicles, the two peripheral…

4. Casa dei Vettii

0.97 MILES

The Casa dei Vettii is home to a famous depiction of Priapus with his gigantic phallus balanced on a pair of scales…much to the anxiety of many a male…

5. Casa del Fauno


Covering an entire insula (city block) and claiming two atria at its front end (humbler homes had one), Pompeii's largest private house is named after the…

6. Casa del Poeta Tragico

1.01 MILES

The 1st-century AD Casa del Poeta Tragico features the world's first-known 'beware of the dog' – cave canem – warnings. Visible through a protective glass…

7. Oplontis

1.01 MILES

Buried beneath the unappealing streets of Torre Annunziata, Oplontis was once a blue-ribbon seafront suburb under the administrative control of Pompeii…

8. Tempio di Giove

1.07 MILES

Built in the 2nd-century BC in honour of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva, the Tempio di Giove was a nexus of religious activity. Its surviving elements include…