Parco Nazionale del Pollino


Italy’s largest national park, the Pollino National Park, straddles Basilicata and Calabria. It acts like a rocky curtain separating the region from the rest of Italy and has the richest repository of flora and fauna in the south, covering 1960 sq km.

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1. L'Ecomuseo del Pollino


This excellent museum focuses on the historical, cultural and natural heritage of the park. Highlights include the use of interactive video screens to…

2. Centro Il Nibbio

4.87 MILES

Those interested in the ecosystem and wildlife of the Pollino National Park should check out this 'diffuse museum' in the medieval hilltown of Morano…

3. Isola di Dino

16.39 MILES

Visible from the Praia a Mare seafront is an intriguing rocky chunk off the coast, the Isola di Dino. The tourist office has information on the island's…

4. Maratea Superiore

20.2 MILES

The ruins of the original settlement of Maratea, supposedly founded by the Greeks, are situated at a higher elevation than the current village on a rocky…

5. Statue of Christ the Redeemer

20.25 MILES

The symbol of Maratea, visible from multiple vantage points along the coast, this 22m-high statue of Christ faces inland towards the Basilica di San…

8. Parco Archeologico di Grumentum

27.83 MILES

The Parco Archeologico di Grumentum – sometimes known as Basilicata's 'Little Pompeii' – contains remains of a theatre, an amphitheatre, Roman baths, a…