Villa Pisani Nazionale

Historic Building in Brenta Riviera

To keep hard-partying Venetian nobles in line, Doge Alvise Pisani provided a Versailles-like reminder of who was in charge. The 1774, 114-room Villa Pisani Nazionale is surrounded by huge gardens, a labyrinthine hedge maze, and pools to reflect the doge’s glory. Here you’ll find the bathroom with a tiny wooden throne used by Napoleon; the sagging bed where new king Vittorio Emanuele II slept; and, ironically, the reception hall where Mussolini and Hitler met in 1934 under Tiepolo’s ceiling depicting the Geniuses of Peace.

Temporary exhibitions are held at the villa throughout the year, generally between March and October. Note that entry is free for children under 18 and on the first Sunday of the month.