Cattedrale di Santa Maria della Purificazione


Termoli's majestic 12th-century cathedral is a masterpiece of Puglian-Romanesque architecture. The cream-coloured facade features a striking round-arched central portal. The remains of an earlier basilica and a pagan temple (to Castor and Pollux) lie beneath the current structure.

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1. Castello Svevo

0.09 MILES

Termoli’s most famous landmark, Frederick II’s 13th-century Castello Svevo guards the entry to the tiny borgo (medieval hamlet). It isn't open on a…

2. Loggia Amblingh

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More a promenade than a loggia (a walkway with columns and arches), this spectacular path tracks the edge of Vasto’s old town for 300m from the Palazzo d…

3. Palazzo d'Avalos

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The Renaissance Palazzo d’Avalos houses a quartet of museums: the Museo Archeologico, with its eclectic collection of ancient bronzes, glasswork and…

4. Cattedrale di San Giuseppe

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The facade is a lovely low-key example of 13th-century Romanesque architecture that has survived several attacks, most notably by the Turks in 1566. The…

5. Riserva Naturale di Punta Aderci

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The Riserva Naturale di Punta Aderci is a 285-hectare area of unspoilt, rocky coastline north of Vasto. Sheltering both farms and woodland, the eponymous…

6. San Domino

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Head to San Domino for walks, grottoes and coves. It has a pristine, marvellous coastline and the islands' only sandy beach, Cala delle Arene. Alongside…

7. San Nicola

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Medieval buildings thrust out of San Nicola's rocky shores, the same pale-sand colour as the barren cliffs. In 1010, Benedictine monks founded the Abbazia…

8. Capraia

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The third of the Isole Tremiti, Capraia (named after the wild caper plant) is uninhabited. Birdlife is plentiful, with impressive flocks of seagulls…