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Despite efforts by various conquerors to keep the port in service, time and warfare eventually had their way. By the 14th century most of Caesarea had disappeared under the shifting dunes. Archaeological excavations have revealed impressive Roman sites (rivalled, in Israel, only by Beit She'an). Shut your eyes and imagine chariots careening round the amphitheatre and murmured prayers in shadowy shrines to Mithras; then open them to see a slew of waterside cafes and restaurants where you can dine until late.

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$107 Cultural & Theme Tours

Caeserea, Rosh Hanikra and Acre Day Trip from Tel Aviv

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productPass By: Baha'i Gardens and Golden Dome, Haifa, Haifa DistrictSee the Baha'i Gardens in Haifa Stop At: Citadel of Acre, Acre, Northern DistrictVisit the underground crusader city Duration: 40 minutesStop At: Rosh Hanikra, Rosh Hanikra, Northern DistrictVisit Rosh Hanikra Duration: 30 minutesStop At: The Grottos at Rosh HaNiqra, Kefar Rosh HaNiqra, Northern DistrictVisit Rosh Hanikra Duration: 15 minutesStop At: Theatre at Caesarea National Park, Caesarea, Haifa DistrictSee the ancient theater Duration: 5 minutes

$118 Cultural & Theme Tours

Caeserea and Rosh Hanikra Day Trip from Jerusalem

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Rosh Hanikra, Rosh Hanikra, Northern DistrictVisit Rosh Hanikra Duration: 30 minutesStop At: Theatre at Caesarea National Park, Caesarea, Haifa DistrictSee the Theater from the 1st century ADDuration: 5 minutesStop At: Caesarea National Park, Caesarea, Haifa DistrictVisit the ancient port of Caesarea Duration: 40 minutesStop At: Citadel of Acre, Acre, Northern DistrictVisit the underground Crusader city Duration: 40 minutesPass By: The Baha'i Gardens, Haifa, Haifa DistrictView the Baha'i Gardens in Haifa

$150 Day Trips & Excursions

Caesarea, Haifa, Rosh Hanikra, and Acre Tour with UNESCO Sites

Get picked up in the morning from your hotel in Herzliya, Netanya, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, or Jerusalem by a guide in a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle and head first for Caesarea along the coastal highway.Caesarea is a city where the past and the future come together. While new Caesarea is graced with magnificent modern homes, ancient Caesarea offers tourists the ruins of unique, impressive buildings. A tour of the national park is like walking through a story, and wandering between the ancient buildings one can both sense how people lived here thousands of years ago and enjoy modern, contemporary experiences, such as the enthralling musical performances held in the beautiful Roman theater.Proceed to Haifa, the pearl of this tour. The third-largest city in Israel and one of its prettiest, Haifa has a lot to offer visitors. It has Israel’s largest port, a particularly active beach, and is the home of the World Center of the Baha'i Faith. The Baha'i originated in the Bab sect which separated from Iran’s Shi’ite Islam in 1844. The Baha'i World Center, an expansive and well-designed complex on the slope of the Carmel, is famous for its magnificent gardens. It includes the exquisitely-landscaped 'Hanging Gardens' which run about a kilometer along the Louis Promenade until Ha-Gefen Street. At the center is the impressive, gold-domed Shrine of the Bab, the burial place of the Bab, the founder of the faith. One can enjoy some enchanting spots while strolling through the beautiful gardens by day, but with the special lighting, an evening visit provides equal pleasure and a peaceful, romantic atmosphere.Finally, visit Acre, known also as Akko. Acre’s walls, fortresses, castles, churches, mosques, synagogues, and other structures tell the story of the many rulers that governed, fought for, built, and adorned the city. Visiting Acre is an emotional journey to a glorious past and a one-of-a-kind experience. It can be an exciting visit to an ancient city with a young soul – a city declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.Continue to Rosh Hanikra. As you walk through the artificial tunnels and view caverns carved out by the pounding waves of the Mediterranean, you’ll enjoy the myriad shades of the water and the dramatic play of light and shadow it casts. The strange sounds the waves make as they rush in and out of the caves make it easy to believe the old legend that a pair of star-crossed lovers used to meet here, and the voice of the would-be bride can still be heard.At the conclusion of the Akko visit, you'll be returned to your original pickup point.

$1050 Private & Custom Tours

Sea of Galilee Private Full-Day Tour with Round-Trip Transfers

Tour departure from client hotel in Jerusalem.Travel along the Mediterranean coastal plain to our first stop at Caesarea ,the ancient port city of King Herod where we can visit the archaeological ruins including the port and theater as well as view the Roman period aqueduct.There is then an option to travel to Mount Carmel to view the Bahai Gardens from the upper level of Haifa before continuing into the Galilee of Nazareth and or Tsipori / Sepphoris and traveling across the country to the Horns of Hattin before descending to the Sea of Galilee shoreline at Migdal.Alternately from Caesarea we can cross the country directly by following the 'Great Highway of Civilization' which leads to the road intersection at Megiddo, at the entrance to the Jezreel Valley and visit the ancient city / historic site of Armageddon fame. We will then continue across the Jezreel Valley towards the Harod region, visit Bet Alpha Synagogue or continue on to the ancient city of Bet Shean, in the Jordan Valley. We can visit the Crusader fortress of Belvoir with wonderful views of the Golan Heights and of Jordan before arriving to tour at the Sea of Galilee with all its fascinating and long history of cultures and traditions.At the end of a long but satisfying day we will return to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

$118 Cultural & Theme Tours

Caesarea, Haifa, Acre and Rosh Hanikra Tour from Jerusalem

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Jerusalem With Jeremy, Jerusalem, Jerusalem DistrictWe leave Jerusalem to Tel Aviv and travel up the Mediterranean coast, on the way we pass Herzilya and Natanya before reaching our first point of interest Caesarea. The city of Caesarea was constructed under Herod and named after the Roman Emperor, Caesar. From what remains of the ancient city we can see that it was a prosperous and luxurious city. Among the archaeological excavations we can see gateways, a moat and well preserved walls and rooms. There is a perfectly preserved Roman amphitheater which is still used today for performances by Israeli and international artists. The Roman remains were preserved for centuries by the sea sand which covered and protected the stones. Next to the amphitheatre is part of what was once a hippodrome. We can see the remains of a Roman Temple which stood above the port overlooking the busy commercial ships which carried treasures from the east and the Nabatean caravans which were on route to Rome. Following the Romans the city stood neglected for centuries until the Crusaders arrived but in the years after the Crusaders the city once again sank into oblivion. We continue driving north passing through Haifa where we stop to see the breathtaking Baha'i Shrine and gardens. The terraced gardens cascade down the mountain towards the city below, each of the 19 terraces bursts with colorful flowers and landscaped designs.Our next stop is at Rosh HaNikra, the most northerly point along Israel's Mediterranean coast. We descend by cable car into the network of limestone grottoes created by the constant bombardment of waves against the rocks. On our return journey south we stop at Acre (Akko), the largest Crusader city in the country. The city is extremely well preserved and you can't help being impressed by the incredible architecture and how it has survived. Part of the city is alive with markets and people still living in the ancient buildings. We see the walls and moat which was reconstructed and repaired by El Jazzar at the end of the 1900s. The mighty walls prevented even Napoleon conquering the city. We can see the Crusader remains, the prison used under Turkish rule and the gallows which were used under the British Mandate to hang Jews who broke the British law limiting Jewish immigration to Palestine following World War II.Duration: 12 hours

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Tel Aviv to Galilee, Acre, Rosh Hanikra, and Gardens: Day Tour

Meet your guide at your Tel-Aviv accommodations before departing through the coastal road to Caesarea, the ancient Roman capital. Enjoy a walking tour of the site as you explore the ancient ruins and archaeological excavations including the aqueduct, the palace and other fascinating findings. Afterwards, head to the city of Haifa, where you will stop for a panoramic view of the marvelous terraced Bahai gardens, the port, and the bay.Proceed along the coastal road to Acre for a visit the of underground Crusader city and crypt. Explore the narrow alleyways of the old city bazaar, port, and the mosque.Continue to Rosh Hanikra; descend by cable car into the underwater grottoes and admire the spectacular natural formation.Return to your point of departure at the end of your tour.

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