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There's lots of history to absorb here, from the Siege of Derry to the Battle of the Bogside and Bloody Sunday – a stroll around the 17th-century city walls that encircle the city is a must, as is a tour of the Bogside murals – along with taking in the burgeoning live-music scene in the city's lively pubs.

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Derry (Londonderry) activities

$19.32 Private & Custom Tours

Bloody Sunday and Bogside Murals Private Walking Tour

Departing from the Tower Museum in the city centre, this private Bloody Sunday and Bogside murals tour will take you into the heart of the Bogside district of Derry,  the crucible of the modern day conflict in Ireland. This 90-minute walking tour will begin at Free Derry Wall and take you around some of the Bogside murals.The modern history of Derry is explored in the Bogside tour. Subjects range from the partition of Ireland and the creation of the six-county state, widespread religious discrimination against Irish Catholics, Civil Rights period, Battle of the Bogside 1969, Bloody Sunday massacre January 1972 and covers both inquiries in to Bloody Sunday and the conflict that occurred here afterwards.These tours are ideal for school and university groups studying Irish history as well as peace and reconciliation studies.

$25.76 Tours & Sightseeing

The Authentic Derry Walls Private Walking Tour

This private Derry Walls walking tour can start anytime suitable for you, and will take you through the older history of Derry and the surrounding area. Derry is one of the longest continued used area in Ireland dating back some six thousand years. St Colmcille set his monastery on the island of Doire in 546 before going to Iona in the western isles of Scotland bringing Christianity to Britain.Other areas examined on this tour are Elizabeth I advance into Ulster bringing Anglicization and the Protestant religion. The Irish response to this invasion was the Nine Years War 1594-1603, ending with the Flight of the Earls in 1607. The Plantation of Ulster brought thousands of English and Scottish Protestants to Ulster and the building of the City Walls from 1613.Derry became Londonderry under James I and was financed by the Guilds of London where the Guildhall gets its name. The Siege of Derry, The Fountain Estate, Derry Gaol, Apprentice Boys, Great Hunger and emigration are areas that are covered on this tour also. This walking tour is conducted on Derry's walls while walking the 1.4 km circuit of the walls.

$23.18 Cultural & Theme Tours

The Original Derry Girls Sites Ch4 tv series

Start times are flexible as this is a private walking tour. See the locations of the Derry Girls hit TV show on Channel 4. Walking the streets of Derry you will be shown the locations of some of the most hilarious scenes of the biggest television sensation on Irish and British television in 2018. Dennis's Wee Shop, Pump Street and many others are taken in on this fun filled tour. Derry Girls Orla, Erin, Claire, Michelle and of course the Wee English fella James. So if you're not sure what the difference is between a cream finger and a cream horn, you will find out on the Derry Girls sites walking tour. ' Jesus Christ Michelle' come and see the sites of the critically acclaimed Channel 4 comedy that has put Derry firmly on the map

$193.21 Private & Custom Tours

Tours of Derry will bring you on an amazing journey through world famous Derry City!

We offer a range of tours of the City of Derry, including specialised tours of Bogside area,where we live!This area has been directly involved in many of the key events of the ‘Troubles’, including Bloody Sunday, Battle of the Bogside, and the Hunger strikes.It has now been transformed into a modern, vibrant estate and the famous political murals of which chronicle the history of the conflict have made the area one of the most popular visitor attractions in the city.Our expert guides can explain the history of the area in detail and can offer a unique insight into the ongoing peace process by providing the opportunity for groups to engage with leading political figures who are directly involved in the process.We also offer tours of Derry’s famous 17th century walls, which are the only intact set of ramparts left in Britain and Ireland. Other tours on offer include the story of emigration from Derry’s port, which should be especially interesting to US, Australian, Canadian and British visitors of Irish extractWalking tours will last approximately 1 hour and a half.Popular Tour Topics Include:• The Origins of the Conflict• The Civil Rights Movement• The Beginning of the Conflict• Free Derry• The Battle of the Bogside• Internment • Bloody Sunday• Operation Motorman• The Hunger Strikes • The Current Peace Process