St Deirbhile's Well

County Mayo

The ruins here mark the site of St Deirbhile miraculously regaining her sight after plucking out her eyes to make herself less attractive to an unwanted suitor. She washed her face with water from this well and her vision was restored.

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1. St Deirbhile's Church

0.19 MILES

If you can squeeze your way through the west window of this ancient 12th-century church ruin three times, you will never die from drowning (legend attests…

2. Deirbhile's Twist

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'Deirbhile's Twist' is one of several sights in the immediate area that relate to St Deirbhile. At this one, a modern-day stone circle evokes ancient…

3. Aughleam Bay

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Down in the southwest of the peninsula, this is a gorgeous beach. Just south of the beach, look out for the gaunt uninhabited tower ruin along Tower Rd.

5. Elly Bay

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This lovely beach is a prime spot for birdwatchers and dolphin-watchers, as well as surfers.

6. Mt Slievemore


Mt Slievemore (671m) can be climbed from behind deserted Slievemore Village for terrific views of Blacksod Bay.

7. Silver Strand

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Dugort's Silver Strand beach is a prime example of the island's many fine coves.

8. Slievemore Deserted Village


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