Replica North Cross

The Midlands

The original North Cross is inside the Clonmacnoise Visitor Centre.

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1. Cathedral

0.01 MILES

The largest building at Clonmacnoise, the cathedral was originally built in AD 909, but was significantly altered and remodelled over the centuries. Its…

3. O'Rourke's Tower

0.02 MILES

Overlooking the River Shannon is the 19.3m-high O'Rourke's Tower. Lightning blasted the top off the tower in 1135, but the remaining structure was used…

4. Temple Kelly

0.02 MILES

Only scant foundations remain of Temple Kelly, which dates from 1167.

5. Temple Connor

0.02 MILES

Temple Connor originally dates from the 11th century but has many later features, including a quite modern roof; services are still held here. As it has…

7. Temple Doolin

0.03 MILES

These remains of an 11th-century temple are similar to nearby Temple Hurpan.

8. Temple Ciaran

0.03 MILES

The small churches at Clonmacnoise are called temples, a derivation of the Irish word teampall (church). Tiny Temple Ciaran is reputed to be the burial…