Ewe Experience

Beara Peninsula

More than 20 years in the making, this interactive sculpture garden is imaginative, thought-provoking and humorous, with nature and art working together to provide an unforgettable walk in the woods. From the sheep in the vintage car to the pig blissing out in a bubble bath, a kilometre of trails takes you past dozens of intriguing sculptures, installations, puzzles and games, which weave together art, nature, science, music and poetry. The gardens are 4.5km northwest of Glengarriff on the N71.

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Nearby Beara Peninsula attractions

1. Glengarriff Woods Nature Reserve

1.54 MILES

The valley of the Glengarriff River, to the northwest of Glengarriff village, was once the private estate of the Earl of Bantry. As such its ancient oak…

2. Bamboo Park

2.26 MILES

Glengarriff's mild, frost-free climate allows this small 12-hectare park to flourish. It has a variety of exotic plants, including palm trees and tree…

3. Ilnacullin

3.02 MILES

This horticultural miracle of an island was created in the early 20th century when the island's owner commissioned architect Harold Peto to design a…

4. Gleninchaquin Park

4.26 MILES

This working sheep farm offers a whole range of things to do, from waymarked history and geology walks to trout fishing and feeding the lambs (in spring),…

5. Kenmare Heritage Centre

7.18 MILES

Kenmare's old courthouse is home to an exhibition telling the history of the town from its origins as Neidín (the little nest), through its establishment…

6. Holy Cross Church

7.24 MILES

Begun in 1862 and consecrated in 1864, this church has a splendid wooden roof with 14 angel carvings. Intricate mosaics adorn the aisle arches and the…

7. Bantry House & Garden

8.23 MILES

With its melancholic air of faded gentility, 18th-century Bantry House makes for an intriguing visit. From the Gobelin tapestries in the drawing room to…

8. Bantry Historical Museum

8.26 MILES

Housed in a shed tucked away behind the fire station, this vast collection of crockery, vintage bottles, ironmongery, old photographs, cutlery, tradesmen…