Leamaneh Castle

The Burren

This magnificent, allegedly haunted ruin stands on a rise 6.2km east of Kilfenora. Built in 1480 as a tower house and converted to a mansion in 1650, it's the erstwhile home of Máire Rúa (Red Mary) who – according to local anecdote – got through 25 husbands, dispatching at least one to a grisly death on horseback off the Cliffs of Moher, before being incarcerated in a hollow tree by her enemies.

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1. Burren Centre

3.21 MILES

At the Burren Centre, a 12-minute film gives you an overview of the Burren's flora, fauna and geology, while interactive exhibits detail its formation and…

2. Kilfenora Cathedral

3.22 MILES

Built in 1189, Kilfenora's cathedral was once an important place of pilgrimage. St Fachan (or Fachtna) founded the monastery here in the 6th century, and…

3. West Cross

3.27 MILES

In a field accessed via a stile, 130m west of Kilfenora's cathedral ruins, is the 4.6m-high West Cross, which depicts Christ's crucifixion.

4. Cahercommaun


Perched on the edge of an inland cliff about 3km south of Carron is the triple ring fort of Cahercommaun, built around AD 800 and inhabited by people who…

5. Caherconnell Fort

3.75 MILES

For a close-up look at a well-preserved, drystone caher (walled fort) of the late Iron Age–early Christian period, stop at this privately run heritage…

6. Poulnabrone Dolmen

4.22 MILES

Also known as the Portal Tomb, Poulnabrone Dolmen is one of Ireland's most photographed ancient monuments. Built more than 5000 years ago, the other…