This mosque facing the seafront is a useful landmark.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby attractions

1. Bazaar


The lively bazaar rambles its way across two blocks just back from the seafront, and is probably the most colourful part of town.

2. Indian Temple

0.22 MILES

This modest Hindu temple set back from the main drag is a small stone building with a conical dome. It was built in the late 19th century to serve the…

3. Fish Market

0.92 MILES

Bandar Abbas has a vibrant fishing industry, and the lively fish market just off the seafront is a sight to behold. Early morning is the best time to come…

4. Ghal’e-ye Portoghaliha

11.81 MILES

Some 750m north of the harbour is the famous Portuguese sea fort, probably the most impressive and ambitious colonial fortress built in Iran. Centuries of…

5. Museum & Art Gallery of Ahmad Nadalian


This quirky and very colourful museum – it occupies a brightly painted house smack dab in the village – shows the works of local artist Ahmad Nadalian…

6. Salt Cascades

12.26 MILES

One of Hormoz Island's star attractions, these multicoloured geological formations that consist of cliffs and towers of petrified salt combined with…

7. Mofanegh Beach

12.76 MILES

This scalloped sandy bay south of the island is blessed with a gorgeous stretch of golden sand.

8. Rainbow Valley


Rainbow Valley is a geologist’s dream and an inspiration for artists and nature enthusiasts. Imagine a narrow valley with multi-hued earth and sand and…