Salt Cascades

One of Hormoz Island's star attractions, these multicoloured geological formations that consist of cliffs and towers of petrified salt combined with various types of rock have a Tolkienesque appeal. The site is inland but can easily be reached from the main road.

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1. Rainbow Valley

0.97 MILES

Rainbow Valley is a geologist’s dream and an inspiration for artists and nature enthusiasts. Imagine a narrow valley with multi-hued earth and sand and…

2. Mofanegh Beach

1.48 MILES

This scalloped sandy bay south of the island is blessed with a gorgeous stretch of golden sand.

3. Snowy Mountains


It's hard not to be enthralled by the eerie lunar landscape in Hormoz Island's southwest, where a series of hills is covered with endless fields of salt…

4. Valley of the Statues

2.12 MILES

This stunningly beautiful natural site is called 'Valley of the Statues' because here tall rocks have been sculpted into strange shapes by the elements…

5. Museum & Art Gallery of Ahmad Nadalian

2.36 MILES

This quirky and very colourful museum – it occupies a brightly painted house smack dab in the village – shows the works of local artist Ahmad Nadalian…

6. Ghal’e-ye Portoghaliha

2.62 MILES

Some 750m north of the harbour is the famous Portuguese sea fort, probably the most impressive and ambitious colonial fortress built in Iran. Centuries of…

7. Ghal’e-ye Portoghaliha

12.17 MILES

This crumbling edifice is Qeshm Town’s best-known sight. It was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century.

8. Mosque

12.26 MILES

This mosque facing the seafront is a useful landmark.