Pol-e Shadorvan


Running parallel to the modern Azadegan Bridge connecting historic Shushtar to the New Town are the substantial remains of this Sassanid-era bridge and weir. Thought to have been designed and built by captured Roman engineers, this bridge, along with the Band-e-Mizan weir, raised the level of the Karun River by 2m, providing the necessary waters for the hydraulic system.

The bridge originally contained 45 arches and only fell into disrepair at the end of the 19th century. According to some Khuzestani historians, it was then deliberately dynamited by British agents, the idea being to break Shushtar’s trade connections and encourage locals to seek alternative work at the new (British-owned) oilfields of Masjid-i Soleiman. Less conspiratorial theories blame rebellions and floods for the bridge’s deterioration.