Khan-e Abbasian

Historic Building in Kashan

Built by a wealthy glass merchant, this handsome set of six buildings (signposted from the hammam) is spread over several levels. The numerous courtyards, which are subterranean – excavated from the soil, not built on top of it – are designed to enhance the sense of space by increasing in size and depth as the complex unfolds. As a result and despite illusion, the multistorey buildings are no higher than neighbouring properties in the old district.

The high porticos and reception halls are decorated with plaster reliefs and fine mirror work, but most of note are the exceptionally beautiful and detailed stained-glass windows, befitting of the house's original owner.

The house’s khadameh (servants’ quarters) have been converted into a teahouse and restaurant selling delicious Iranian cuisine. For those interested in herbal remedies, there is a small shop in the gallery above the teahouse selling a range of infusions.