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Lombok's original tourist resort, Senggigi enjoys a fine location along a series of sweeping bays, with light-sand beaches below a backdrop of jungle-clad mountains and coconut palms. In the evening a setting blood-red sun sinks into the surf next to the giant triangular cone of Bali's Gunung Agung.

Less trendy these days than the Gilis or Kuta, and with an older crowd, Senggigi offers some excellent-value hotels and restaurants, many of which were hit hard by the 2018 earthquakes. While it remains somewhat tacky along its fringe, big strides were made both before the quakes and during the rebuilding phase to rein in some of the more salacious elements and return this family-friendly resort town to its 1990s heyday.

The greater Senggigi area spans 6 miles (10km) of coastal road; the upscale neighbourhood of Mangsit is 1.8 miles (3km) north of central Senggigi, while just beyond lie the picturesque beaches of Malimbu and Nipah.

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