Batu Belig Beach


The sand narrows here but there are still some good places for a drink, both grand and simple. Easily reached via Jl Batu Belig, this is a likely place to start a walk along the curving sands northwest to popular beaches as far as Echo Beach. About 500m north, a river and lagoon flow into the ocean, sometimes up to 1m deep – after rains it may be much deeper. In this case, take the little footbridge over the lagoon.

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1. Kerobokan Beach

0.36 MILES

Backed by flash resorts and trendy clubs, Kerobokan's beach is surprisingly quiet. A lack of access keeps away crowds because all the roads running west…

2. Pura Petitenget

0.66 MILES

This is an important temple and the scene of many ceremonies. It is one of a string of sea temples that stretches from Pura Luhur Ulu Watu on the Bukit…

3. Pura Masceti

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An agricultural temple where farmers pray for relief from rat infestations, and savvy builders make offerings of forgiveness before planting yet another…

4. Pantai Berawa

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Greyish Berawa Beach ('Brawa Beach' on many signs) has a plethora of trendy and popular beach cafes and bars. The grey volcanic sand here slopes steeply…

5. Pantai Perancak

0.99 MILES

A couple of drinks vendors and a large parking area are the major amenities at this beach, which is rarely crowded. The large temple is Pura Dalem…

7. Pantai Seminyak

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A lounger and an ice-cold Bintang on the beach at sunset is simply magical. A good stretch can be found near Pura Petitenget, and it tends to be less…

8. Pantai Nelayan

1.25 MILES

A collection of fishing boats and huts marks this very mellow stretch of sand. Depending on the river levels, it can be an easy walk from here to Pantais…