Mesjid Raya Sabilal Muhtadin


This large, flat-domed mosque looks like something off a Star Wars set. During Ramadan, the famous Pasar Wadai (Cake Fair) runs along the adjacent riverfront.

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Nearby Kalimantan attractions

1. Soetji Nurani Temple

0.26 MILES

Step into this 1898 temple, and the hobbit-sized candles and incense coils that smoulder for days will transport you 3000km north to China.

2. Masjid Sultan Suriansyah

1.98 MILES

Though it marks the first Islamic place of worship in Borneo, the beautiful angular wooden building was reconstructed in 1746, leaving the oldest physical…

4. Pasar Terapung Lok Baintan


The more authentic of Banjarmasin's floating markets is about one hour by boat northeast of the centre on the Martapura River.

5. Museum Lambung Mangkurat

18.67 MILES

An above-average museum of local arts and history, with approximate English translations providing nuggets of information about pivotal events – such as…

6. Penggosokkan Intan

19.47 MILES

Lots of shops polish diamonds, but this is regarded as the official place for tourists to watch and to see how diamond purity is tested. It's 700m north…

7. Cempaka Diamond Fields

19.74 MILES

Wooden sluices filter muck from pits where men stand chest deep blasting away at the sediment with water cannons. Mining at Kalimantan's largest diamond…