Pasar Legi

East Java

Blitar’s large public market, Pasar Legi, is worth a wander.

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Nearby East Java attractions

1. Museum Sukarno

1.24 MILES

At the Museum Sukarno, located in the house where ex-President Sukarno lived as a boy, you will see his life recreated through photos, revolutionary…

2. Makam Bung Karno

1.49 MILES

At Sentul, 2km north of the town centre, former president Sukarno’s grave is marked by a massive black stone and an elaborate monument of columns and…

3. Panataran Hindu Temples

8.16 MILES

The Hindu temples at Panataran (locally called 'Penataran') are the largest intact Majapahit temples, and the finest examples of ancient East Javanese…

4. Museum Panataran

8.16 MILES

Three hundred metres southeast of the turn-off to the Panataran Hindu temples, the Museum Panataran has an impressive collection of statuary from the…

5. Air Terjun Cubanrondo

26.56 MILES

The tall and narrow single waterfall of Air Terjun Cubanrondo drops off the cliffs 5km southwest of Songgoriti.

6. Songgoriti


Songgoriti, 3km west of Batu, has well-known hot springs and a small, ancient Hindu temple on the grounds of the Hotel Air Panas Songgoriti. The temple,…