Chinese Temple & Monastery


One of the simpler temples in Sarnath. The entrance is between two red pillars.

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1. Mulgandha Kuti Vihar

0.16 MILES

This turreted temple was completed in 1931 by the Mahabodhi Society, and is noted for its interesting wall frescoes, which depict events from Buddha's…

2. Japanese Temple & Monastery

0.16 MILES

Somewhat simple on the outside, this temple features a reclining Buddha carved from sandalwood inside the main shrine.

3. Dhamekh Stupa & Monastery Ruins

0.27 MILES

Set in a peaceful park containing monastery ruins is this impressive 34m stupa, marking the spot where the Buddha preached his first sermon. The floral…

4. Archaeological Museum

0.31 MILES

This fully modernised, 100-year-old sandstone museum houses wonderfully displayed ancient treasures, such as the very well-preserved, 3rd-century-BC lion…

5. Thai Temple & Monastery

0.39 MILES

With its unique, red-walled design, the temple is worth a look, but the real reasons to visit are the peaceful gardens and large standing Buddha that…

6. Chaukhandi Stupa

0.45 MILES

This large, ruined stupa dates back to the 5th century AD, and marks the spot where Buddha met his first disciples. The incongruous tower on top of the…

8. Trilochan Ghat

4.09 MILES

At Trilochan, two turrets emerge from the river, and the water between them is especially holy.