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The city rose to prominence as the home of the Nawabs of Avadh (Oudh) who were great patrons of the culinary and other arts, particularly dance and music. Lucknow’s reputation as a city of culture, gracious living and rich cuisine has continued to this day – the phrase for which conveniently rhymes in Hindi: Nawab, aadaab ('respect'), kebab and shabab ('beauty').

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$75 Tours & Sightseeing

7-Hour Small Group Lucknow Sightseeing Tour with Hotel Pickup

Begin your tour with pickup from your hotel or other accomidations before being whisked away to enjoy the sights of beautiful Lucknow such as: La Martiniere was constructed in 1794 by a French soldier – Claude Martin. The architecture of this building is a complete mixture of Indo-European school of architecture. It held a place of pride in the heart of Claude Martin because he is said to have constructed it in memory of his love – Constance and named it Constantia. Before dying he expressed his last wish which was that his mortal remains should be laid to rest in the basement of this building. Sadat Ali & Begum Tombs house the graves of Nawab Sadat Ali Khan and his wife stand majestically opposite Hazrat Mahal Park (Earlier called Victoria Park). The architecture is a fine example of Indo-Syrian style with arches, pillars and Awadhi patterns.An all out siege of the Residency in 1857, that continued for nearly five months, took the life of 2197 defenders including British and the Indians. What was left of this majestic building are the broken walls with marks of bullets and cannon balls. This is the most gruesome tale of the British era in India, that has lived to tell its story to the generations to come with its roofless walls and the epitaphs on the graves in the cemetery.Asafi Imambara, built in 1775 by Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula, at the time a famine had broken out in and around the city of Lucknow. It is said that the people of Lucknow would not accept alms, thus the Nawab began the construction of this Imambara Complex, which would provide employment to the masses and they could work for a living. This Nawab was known for his generosity. The Asafi (Bara) Imambara is a complex consisting of the hall, a Mosque, gardens and a water well (Baoli).The history attaches the design of the Rumi Darwaza gateway with portal of Constantinople. Built in 1784 Rumi Darwaza or the Turkish Gate is a perfect combination of Hindu-Muslim architecture. Each brick placed in the structure of Rumi Darwaza moans the gloomy past of famine stricken people and hails Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula for providing the relief.Hussainabad (Chota) Imambara was built by Nawab Mohd Ali Shah (1837-1840). It is ornate in design with exquisite chandeliers, gilt-edged mirrors and colourful stucco work which adorns the interiors. Fine calligraphy on the exteriors of the building make it a truly exceptional monument. Venetian, English, Chinese and Japanese chandeliers, Belgian mirrors and miniature paintings are some of the interesting artifacts one gets to see inside the Husainabad Imambara. After your tour of these monuments,  you  will get a chance to stroll through one of the city’s oldest markets/bazaars, either Chowk or Hazratganj, depending when which market place is open. Finally your tour ends with drop-off at your hotel or other accommodations.

$25 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Lucknow Culinary Walk with Food Tastings

Lucknow can very well be termed as a city that has carved a niche by attracting gastronomes for the want of discovering and re-discovering Awadhi Cuisine. Up to now, Lucknowites spend the most of their earnings and time on their kitchens. Lucknow has a place that has a colony of chefs called 'Bawarchi Tola' and also has a full street where one can find the best food straight out of Lucknow's kitchens. This evening tour allows you to hop-in and hop-out of traditional roadside eateries enabling you to try the best that the menus have to offer. This is a guided tour with your own set of cutlery and basic dining gadgets provided that allow you to experience the best of the best at each restaurant without having to worry about how to eat without a fork or to wipe your hands clean after you are done. 1st Stop : Mubeen's Pasanda (thin meat ribbon/slivers taken from the hind leg of a lamb or beef marinated with spices and yogurt for hours, set on a skewer and baked on open charcoal barbecue, served with Sheermal – a special baked bread made with milk, ghee, saffron and sprinkled with orange color).2nd Stop: Tundey's Kebab (finely minced meat mixed with more than 160 secret Indian spices, herbs and raw papaya and shallow fried on a special pan called "mahi tawa" over charcoal fire. This preparation is served with Luckhnawi Paratha – a variety of bread made on an inverted, round bowl with a frequent spread of ghee).3rd Stop: Raheem's Nihari Gosht (lamb meat chunks served in curry with special bread called Kulcha that is made of fine flour and baked in earthen ovens set below the ground level).4th Stop: Rehmat's Halwa (this shop prepares sweet meats in small quantity and stocks only a few for consumption within a day. Their specialties include Habshi Halwa, Lauki Halwa, Jauzi Halwa and Kali Gajar Halwa. The process involves slow fire reducing for hours and hours together, some varieties take as long as eight hours and involve a great labour).

$20 Cultural & Theme Tours

Lucknow Heritage Walk

Explore the cities unique craft components. See chikan embroidery steps, zari embroidery, perfume shops, metal carving, gem-stone shaping, hukka shops, old doorways, erstwhile dance studios, making of the kebabs and much more. You get a chance to walk and shop with the locals at the oldest bazaar of Lucknow. You always have an option for a hotel pickup and drop at an extra cost though. You get to know city's inside history as this walking tour is led by an expert historian guide. You get a walking bag with bottled water, a few goodies and a heritage walk map.This walking tour does not include the heritage monuments and lays stress on the local craft, culture and a bit of cuisine. It is indeed a wonderful experience to know about this aspect of the city that can be well described as 'A city of many splendours'.

$240 Cultural & Theme Tours

Weaves of Lucknow Private Tour Including Home-Cooked Lunch

Lucknow remains true to its cultural past, impeccable manners, a courtly diction, and a love for the arts and all beautiful things. And the rich Nawabi culture reflects on the textile of Lucknow, with delicate Chikan, decorous Zari and the intricate Aari work, the tapestry of this city oozes elegance. With passing time, there has been a tremendous change in these forms of embroidery and their usage. Today, you will witness artisans working to turn a simple piece of cloth into exclusive masterpieces with the magic of their art. You will also observe that these arts of embroidery have brought people of diverse religious and social backgrounds together to work in unison. Be a part of this half-day tour as you visit some studios, where you will see embroiders busy with their work. Enjoy a special talk by a renowned designer about these embroideries. You can also try your hands at embellishing something with your personal kit on this interactive experiential sojourn.  A home-cooked meal is included in the tour.

$175 Cultural & Theme Tours

Private Tour: Hidden Treasures of La Martiniere

At approximately 9am, a private vehicle will pick you up from your hotel for your short drive to La Martiniere. Begin your walk of this iconic complex to discover the hidden treasures. An expert will take you around the history and architectural legacy of the prestigious school of India. With declining French influence, Frenchman Claude Martin started working with the East India Company and built this castle as his palatial home. He later bequeathed a large part of his fortune to build educational institutes. Today, walk around this legendary structure, renowned as an emblem of French inheritance in Lucknow. Soak up the exciting stories about how Claude Martin, a Frenchman rose to prominence as an employee of a British establishment, while serving the then Nawab of Awadh or Oudh. Learn about many interesting facts about the school, how it became one of the most prestigious institutes of the country. To end your visit, enjoy tea and snacks at the school’s cafeteria. After this experience of approximately two hours, you will be dropped back off to your city hotel.

$100 Private & Custom Tours

Private Tour to the Residency of Lucknow

This half-day journey takes you to ‘Residency’ and educates you on one of the darkest periods of pre-Independence history in India. Go on a walking tour inside the former residential complex belonging to British officers, appointed as administrators of erstwhile Oudh by the East India Company. In May 1857, the Residency witnessed the Siege of Lucknow and was reduced to ruins by feisty mutineers, who killed more than two thousand men, women and innocent children living inside the Residency. On this tour, revisit the turbulent times of both Indian and British lives during 1857-58, and learn about the history through its ruins, collection of old pictures and maps. A historian and a famous expert on mutiny will guide you through the remnants of this momentous place that still echoes the horrors of war. Also, enjoy a 20 minutes documentary accompanied with refreshments.