Sachiya Mata Temple

Hindu Temple in Osian

This hilltop temple, about 200m north of the bus stand, receives crowds of pilgrims, both Hindu and Jain. People usually come here after the marriage of their children, but the big crowds come for Navratri (nine nights of worship in March or April and October or November). Sachiya Mata (Mother of Truth) is the ninth and last incarnation of the goddess Durga.

A long flight of steps, under fancifully decorated arches, takes you to the forechamber. Before the mandapa (pillared pavilon) in front of a temple, and beyond the impressive torana (gateway), are sandstone statues of various incarnations of Durga that were excavated by archaeologists and installed here. The main temple, probably built in the 12th century, is flanked by nine smaller temples, each dedicated to an incarnation of the goddess.