Ratnagiri Museum


The four galleries at this fine museum tell the story of the Pusphagiri ruins. Two of them display beautifully preserved sculpture from all three Pusphagiri sites, while the other two galleries are devoted to terracotta plaques, copper plates engraved with Sanskrit, sacred bronzes and other objects found on-site.

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1. Ratnagiri

0.13 MILES

Ratnagiri is the most interesting and extensive among the three Pusphagiri sites. Two large monasteries flourished here from the 5th to 13th centuries…

2. Udayagiri


Udayagiri's two monastery complexes were active between the 10th and 12th centuries AD. At the first one, there’s a large pyramidal brick stupa with a…

3. Lalitgiri

6.76 MILES

Several monastery ruins (some dating back to 200 BC) consisting of brick foundations line a gentle incline on Lalitgiri hill. One is surrounded by several…