Naga Heritage Village


The Naga Heritage Village, 10km south of Kohima along the Imphal road, has a representative selection of traditional Naga houses and morungs (young people's dormitories) with full-size log drums and architectural ornamentation specific to each of Nagaland's tribes. Nagaland’s biggest annual jamboree, the Hornbill Festival, is celebrated here.

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1. WWII Museum

0.05 MILES

Located within Kisama Heritage Village, 10km south of Kohima, this well-kept museum exhibits war memorabilia from the WWII battles fought in and around…

2. Kohima War Cemetery

3.63 MILES

The immaculately maintained war cemetery contains the graves of over 1400 British, Indian and other Allied soldiers, killed in or around Kohima in 1944 as…

3. Central Market

3.99 MILES

This small but fascinating market outside the Kohima Local Ground stadium, off Razhü Junction, is a compendium of exotic Naga tribal foods with such…

4. State Museum


This well-presented government museum, 2km north of Kohima’s centre, has galleries on two floors featuring tribal costumes, weapons, musical instruments,…