Wall Project

Public Art in Mumbai

The Wall Project started as an initiative by artists to add colour to a suburban street in Bandra, and has introduced vibrant public art, murals and graffiti across the city. There’s no official membership, and the art has been created by both amateurs and professionals.

No advertising, political statements, religious content or obscene messaging are used, according to the project's guidelines. Social messaging that’s too preachy is not encouraged either. Most murals deal with personal stories: people's dreams, desire for change, criticisms and frustrations.

The most spectacular stretch is perhaps the 2km canvas along Senapati Bapat Marg (Tulsi Pipe Rd), between the train stations of Mahim and Dadar on the Western Line, where the art parallels the tracks. It’s a very thought-provoking and enriching experience to take in; allow 1½ hours for exploring. If you peep into the railway stations on that stretch of road you'll see the paintings have also encroached onto the ticket counters and staircases. This section of wall had long been coveted by the project founders, who expected opposition from authorities. Instead they were actually invited to create something by the city’s municipal commissioner.

Bandra is another area rich in street art, where many walls and bridges have been customised: Waroda Road is a good place to start investigating.