Chitrakote Falls

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Calling the 300m wide and 32m high Chitrakote Falls the 'Indian Niagara' is actually not too far off the mark. Spectacular at any time, India's widest waterfall is at its roaring best after rains. The falls are on the Indravati River, 40km northwest of Jagdalpur. Buses (₹45, 1½ hours, 9am, 11am and 2pm) leave from Anupama Chowk, on Chitrakote Rd 500m from Sanjay Market. The last one back to Jagdalpur is at 4pm. A taxi round trip costs around ₺1500 to ₺1800.

When the water isn't too strong (about December to June), it’s possible to paddle in pools at the top of the drop; take extreme care. You can also swim in the river downstream from the falls, or get a local fisherman to row you up to the spray (₹50 per person), or do water zorbing or gentle rafting. Take the steps down from beside the government-only hotel next to the falls.