Must see attractions in Alappuzha (Alleppey)

  • R
    RKK Memorial Museum

    In a grand building fronted by Greco-Roman columns, this intriguing museum houses a priceless, astonishing collection of crystal, porcelain, South Indian…

  • A
    Alleppey Beach

    Alleppey's main beach is 2km west of the city centre; swimming is fraught due to strong currents, but the sunsets are good and there are a few places for…

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    Alleppey Lighthouse

    A few blocks back from the beach, the candy-striped 1862 lighthouse contains a small museum with an original oil lamp, but is best visited for the 360…

  • K
    Kidangamparamba Temple

    Dedicated to the goddess Bhuvaneshvari, this major Hindu temple in central Alleppey has a soaring, rainbow-coloured Tamil Nadu–style gopuram.