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Kunzum La

Top choice in Spiti

Forming the watershed between Lahaul and Spiti, this 4551m pass, accessed by multiple switchbacks, is topped by a grassy area where stupas are strewn with fluttering prayer flags. Local drivers (and even the buses) briefly divert from the road to perform a respectful circuit around them.

The scenery is marginally better coming from Kaza as you approach the pass climbing through a yak meadow with white-top peaks behind.

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Nearby Spiti attractions

1. Chandratal

5.56 MILES

This gloriously calm glacial lake presents mirror-perfect reflections of the surrounding white-top peaks and geological colour-swirls. At 4270m, the 20…

2. Rohtang La

22.61 MILES

A logistical nightmare or a scenic highlight depending on your experience, the Rohtang La (3978m) is, at least physically, the high point of a journey…

3. Ki Gompa

23.19 MILES

Covering a conical hillock with an array of whitewashed monastic buildings, Ki (Kee, Key) is the largest gompa in Spiti. Views of it from the south are…

4. Rama Temple

27.49 MILES

The sikhara-style Rama temple, up a few steps from the Vashisht Mandir, has old stone carvings on its exterior and a wooden canopy above.

5. School

27.5 MILES

This school, built over a stream, is a key landmark on the walk from Vashisht to Jogini waterfalls.

6. Vashisht Mandir

27.5 MILES

Sulphur-laden hot springs are channelled into small public baths inside the compound of Vashisht Mandir. The three-level wood-and-stone temple within…

7. Buddha Statue

27.64 MILES

The golden face-paint is starting to peel off the large 2005 Buddha statue, who stares across the Spiti valley from a shoulder of ridge above Langza…

8. Nature Park

27.88 MILES

This woodland of magnificent towering deodars (cedars) offers the nicest walking route between the centre and Old Manali, though is not recommended for a…