Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary

Gujarat & Diu

This 121-sq-km sanctuary, 60km southwest of Ahmedabad, protects Nalsarovar Lake, a flood of island-dotted blue dissolving into the sky and iron-flat plains, and its surrounding wetlands. Between November and February the sanctuary sees flocks of indigenous and migratory birds, with as many as 250 species passing through. To see the birds it’s best to hire a boat (around ₹1320 for the entire boat per hour, but boatmen will try to get you to pay more than this official rate).

Ducks, geese, eagles, spoonbills, cranes, pelicans and flamingos are best seen at daybreak and dusk, so it's worth staying in the luxury tents run by Gujarat Tourism, 1.5km from the lake. The sanctuary is busiest at weekends and on holidays, and best avoided then.

A taxi from Ahmedabad costs around ₹4500 for a day trip; combine the sanctuary with a visit to Lothal (40km south).

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