Savoi Plantation

Panaji & Central Goa

This 200-year-old plantation, 12km north of Ponda, is the least touristy in the region (and elephant-free). Knowledgeable guides will walk you through the 40-hectare plantation. Local crafts are also for sale and there are a couple of cottages for overnight stays.

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1. Tropical Spice Plantation

2.14 MILES

Around 5km north of Ponda, this is one of the most popular farms with tour groups, so is often busy and probably best avoided by independent travellers on…

2. Butterfly Conservatory of Goa

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This small butterfly sanctuary, 5km north of Ponda, is home to more than 100 species of free-flying butterflies (it’s not enclosed) in a small patch of…

3. Shri Mahalsa Temple

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The Mahalsa Temple, 1km down the road from the Shri Manguesh Temple, is in the tiny village of Mardol. This temple’s deity originally resided in an…

4. Shri Manguesh Temple


Around 9km north of Ponda, this temple is one of the most visited of Goa’s Hindu temples, admirably combining two key features of Goan Hinduism: first, it…

5. Shri Laxmi Narasimha Temple

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Almost immediately after leaving the village of Mardol on the main road, a side road to the right takes you up a hill towards the little village of…

6. Pascoal Spice Farm

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About 7km east of Ponda, Pascoal offers bamboo river-rafting and cultural shows, along with farm tours and lunch.

7. Sahakari Spice Farm

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This well-touristed farm, just 2km from Ponda near the village of Curti, also has elephant rides and elephant bathing in the small river, but these…

8. Safa Shahouri Masjid

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The Safa Shahouri Masjid, Goa’s oldest remaining mosque, is on Ponda’s northern outskirts. Built by Bijapuri ruler Ali Adil Shah in 1560, it was…