Our Lady of Good Health

One of Anjuna's whitewashed chapels.

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2. Anjuna Beach

0.96 MILES

Anjuna’s charismatic, narrow beach runs for almost 2km from the rocky, low-slung cliffs at the northern village area down beyond the flea market in the…

3. Ozran Beach

1.43 MILES

With shacks occupying the sands, Goa trance heavy on the sound systems, and cows thronging among the people, there’s a distinctly laid-back vibe here,…

4. Temple

1.51 MILES

Hindu temple on the Chapora road.

6. Benz Celebrity Wax Museum

1.64 MILES

This quirky attraction features a wax museum with reasonably accurate figures of Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities, action heroes and sports stars…

7. Chapora Harbour

1.71 MILES

The narrow road northwest of the village leads you past lots of village homes with rooms for rent, up to a small harbour where the day’s catch is hauled…

8. Vagator Beach

1.91 MILES

The most northerly and largest beach is a beautiful stretch of sand, which fills up for a few hours each afternoon when domestic coach tours unload their…