Golden Temple

Kodagu (Coorg) Region

The highlight of Namdroling Monastery is the spectacular Golden Temple, presided over by three 18m-high gold-plated Buddha statues. The temple is at its dramatic best when prayer is in session and it rings out with gongs, drums and the drone of hundreds of young monks chanting. You’re welcome to sit and meditate; look for the small blue guest cushions lying around.

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2. Namdroling Monastery

0.06 MILES

The striking Namdroling Monastery is a large Tibetan Buddhist compound home to the striking Golden Temple and impressive Zangdogpalri Temple. Around 5000…

3. Raja’s Tombs

15.34 MILES

These domed tombs are built in Indo-Sarcenic style and serve as the resting place for Kodava royalty and dignitaries. Located 7km from Madikeri: take an…

4. Museum

15.39 MILES

Quirky museum within a old church, inside Madikeri's fort complex. Its eclectic exhibits are very poorly laid out.

5. Madikeri Fort

15.42 MILES

There are good views from this hilltop fort, built by Tipu Sultan in the 16th century, though today it’s the less glamorous site of the municipal…

6. Raja’s Seat

15.6 MILES

A very popular spot to enjoy sunset, as the raja himself did, with fantastic outlooks to rolling hills and endless valleys.

7. Abbi Falls

16.98 MILES

A spectacular sight after the rainy season, these 21.3m-high falls can pack a punch.

8. Nalakunad Palace

25.92 MILES

At the bottom of the region's highest peak, Tadiyendamol (1745m), is Nalakunad Palace, the former hunting lodge of a Kodagu king dating from 1794. There…