Kondapalli Fort

Fort in Vijayawada

This ruined fortress, 25km northwest of Vijayawada, was built around 1360 by the Reddy kings, and passed through a succession of later rulers, including the Qutb Shahis of Golconda in the 16th century, before becoming a British military camp in 1767. You can wander round several half-ruined halls and courtyards and step into the old royal prison. The structure is currently the subject of a renovation program.

A winding 7km road leads up the hill from the Vijayawada–Hyderabad highway just past Ibrahimpatnam. There are buses from Vijayawada to Ibrahimpatnam (₹20, 30 minutes) every half-hour; expect to pay around ₹300 return for an autorickshaw from the highway.