North Iceland

Take the detour off Rte 711 (or accessed via Rte 716 off the Ring Road) to reach mysterious Borgarvirki, believed to be a defensive fortification from the early years of Icelandic history. It's a natural rock formation (an ancient 'volcanic plug' of columnar basalt) and sits 177m above the landscapes, offering both a great place for a scramble and sweeping vistas.

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Nearby North Iceland attractions

1. Þingeyrar

7.74 MILES

Around 19km west of Blönduós, a 6km detour along Rte 721 leads you to a precious stone church, Þingeyrar, sitting quietly and photogenically beside Hóp…

2. Hvítserkur

9.53 MILES

On the Vatnsnes Peninsula's east coast, 30km north of the Ring Road, there's a car park, viewing platform and path leading to the splendidly photogenic…

3. Kolugljúfur


Take Rte 715 south off the Ring Road to reach the scenic waterfalls at Kolugljúfur, an enchanting canyon that legend has it was once home to a beautiful…

4. Selasetur Íslands

11.52 MILES

The town's prime attraction is the prominent Icelandic Seal Centre on the harbourfront, where you can learn about conservation of seals, historical seal…

5. Illugastaðir

12.23 MILES

On the west side of Vatnsnes Peninsula is Illugastaðir farm, with wonderful views of peaks along the Strandir coast in the Westfjords. A 10-minute walk…

6. Textile Museum

15.62 MILES

Set in a head-turning modern building on the north bank of the Blanda River, this small, attractive museum displays local handicrafts, painstakingly…

8. Kerling

28.3 MILES

Legend has it that this stumpy rock stack is the remains of a petrified troll and Uxi, her bull, is the formation out at sea near the island of Grímsey…