Southeast Iceland

The 1864 warehouse that once served as the regional folk museum has been moved from the outskirts of town to a prime position on the Höfn harbourfront. It's been refurbished to serve as the town's visitor centre, with good exhibits explaining the marvels of the region’s flagship national park (including flora and fauna), and also screens documentaries.

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Nearby Southeast Iceland attractions

1. Seamen's Monument

0.43 MILES

This monument stands on Ósland, the bird-filled promontory south of the harbour. Head here for good walks and views.

2. Flatey Farm

11.41 MILES

The Flatey dairy farm (also known as Flatey á Mýrum) lies almost exactly halfway between Jökulsárlón and Höfn and is hard to miss as you drive along – the…

3. Fláajökull

12.27 MILES

Fláajökull is 8km off the Ring Road on a gravel road (signposted just east of Hólmur guesthouse) that leads to a small car park with pit toilet. A…

4. Hoffellsjökull

13.94 MILES

From the Hoffell guesthouse, a signed, 4km gravel road leads to Hoffellsjökull glacier tongue, calving into a small lake. There are some good short walks…

5. Heinabergsjökull

15.07 MILES

Heinabergsjökull is 8km off the Ring Road on a gravel road (signposted not far east of Guesthouse Skálafell). Brilliant summertime kayaking trips operate…

6. Þórbergssetur

25.96 MILES

This cleverly crafted museum (its inspired exterior looks like a shelf of books) pays tribute to the most famous son of this sparsely populated region –…