The Westfjords

On the northern edge of Dýrafjörður, Rte 624 forks off west from Rte 60. It turns into a dirt road and passes an abandoned farmhouse before swerving inland to head over the top of the rugged peninsula. It takes about 20 minutes to reach Ingjaldssandur at the mouth of Önundarfjörður. Set in a picturesque valley, this isolated beach is a fantastic spot to watch the midnight sun as it flirts with the sea before rising back up into the sky.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

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1. Old Bookstore in Flateyri

5.52 MILES

Peruse Iceland's oldest original store – a well-preserved historic bookshop and its attached apartment, which feel wonderfully trapped in amber.

2. Skrúður

9.67 MILES

One of Iceland’s oldest botanic gardens sits on the lower slopes of the fjordside valleys on Dýrafjörður's northern edge. Teeny Skrúður was established as…

4. Old Blacksmith's Workshop

13.8 MILES

It was the first of its kind in Iceland when it was created in 1913, and today Þingeyri's atmospheric Old Blacksmith's Workshop is still crammed with…

5. Natural History Museum

14.62 MILES

Features a comprehensive collection of minerals (lignite from when Iceland was covered in forests) and taxidermied animals – including a giant blue…

6. Ósvör Maritime Museum

15.26 MILES

The old turf-and-stone fishing shacks of the Ósvör Maritime Museum powerfully evoke a past age. A guide in a typical lambskin fisher’s outfit shows you…

7. Westfjords Heritage Museum

16.32 MILES

Part of a cluster of historic wooden buildings by the harbour, this museum is in the Turnhús (1784), which was originally a warehouse. It's crammed with…

8. Whalebone Arch

16.32 MILES

Of minor interest is the whalebone arch made from a whale’s jawbone in the central town park.