Calvinist College


North of the Great Church stands the Calvinist College, built in 1816 on the site of a theological college dating back to the mid-16th century. Downstairs in two rooms there are exhibits on religious art and sacred objects (including an 18th-century chalice made from a coconut), and on the regimented school’s history. Upstairs via a fabulous painted staircase is the 600,000-volume pillared library and the delightful oratory, where the breakaway National Assembly met in 1849.

This was also where Hungary’s provisional government was declared towards the end of WWII in 1944.

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1. Great Church

0.08 MILES

Built in 1822, the iconic Great Church accommodates 3000 people and is Hungary’s largest Protestant house of worship. The nave is rather austere apart…

2. Déri Museum


Folklore exhibits at the Déri Museum offer excellent insights into life on the plain and for the bourgeois citizens of Debrecen up to the 19th century…

3. Centre of Modern & Contemporary Art

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4. Ferenc Medgyessy Memorial Museum

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5. Pászti Street Orthodox Synagogue

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7. Tímárház

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East of the city centre, the Tímárház is a folk-craft centre and workshop run by the Debrecen Cultural Centre, where potters, cheesemakers, weavers and…

8. Máta Stud Farm

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Staged it may be, but the 1½-hour puszta show at the 300-year-old Máta Stud Farm, 3km north of Hortobágy village, is a real slice of Hungary. You get to…