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Tela itself is a rundown urban resort whose beaches are, sadly, full of trash and in many places simply unsafe even during daytime. Its town center is loud, busy, paint-chipped and definitely not safe after dark, while its hotels and restaurants are overpriced.

Tela is crammed with Honduran vacationers during Semana Santa (Holy Week before Easter), and often on weekends, but the rest of the time things are pretty tranquilo.

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$168 Tours & Sightseeing

Half-Day Trip to Punta Sal from San Pedro Sula

You will be picked up from your hotel at around 6:30am and will be driven to Tela, which is located 1 hour and 20 minutes away. From there, you will take a 45-minute boat ride to Punta Sal National Park. Once you arrive, you will go on a 30-minute guided hike through the park where you see a variety of wild life. Afterwards, you will return to the boat which will take you to an open cave where you will be able to swim. Then, you will head to the headlands to observe the pelicans that have taken over the area. You will also have the opportunity to snorkel at the coral reefs if you wish. There you will be a beak at Cocolitos Beach where you can grab some lunch and enjoy some free time before making your way back to San Pero Sula.

$69 Shore Excursions

Roatan Hiking Adventure with Butterfly Garden and Beach

This a 100% natural 40 acres of the Carambola Botanical Gardens and their many jungle trails offer a perfect place for hiking, wildlife and scenic photography, Eco tours, bird watching, nature studies, and of course, relaxation. So, "take a walk on the wild side" and watch the playful Monkey La La scurry along jungle trails as you enjoy flowering plants, orchids, medicinal plants, exotic spices, fruit and nut trees, including the very popular "Chocolate Tree" and the world famous Honduran mahogany tree.Plan to make your way to the summit of Carambola Mountain where along the way you will see an area where nature has provided a near sheer cliff, thus protecting natural Iguana species and parrot breeding grounds historically known as "Iguana Wall". Up on top, sit, relax on the summit deck, and enjoy Roatan's most magnificent views with all the color and splendor the distant coral reef. We greet you a warm welcome at the ship terminal where you will begin on a guided tour through residential area hearing and learning all about Roatan rich culture from your guide while making your way up to high points for photo opportunities of the surrounding. After that, you will head over to the butterfly gardento see and learn about the different types species of butterfly, birds, and monkeys we have here on the island. After enjoying your tour and playing with the animals, you will head down to the Carambola Botanical Garden where you will be hiking through their natural trail and learning all about their history and Inspiration for the development of Carambola Botanical Gardens on Roatan Island it came from several visits to Lancetilla Gardens in Tela, Honduras. The Tela Railroad Company established Lancetilla as an experimental site in 1926. In 1974, the name was change to Botanical Gardens Dr. Wilson Popenoe, in his honor for establishing this experimental garden with exotic fruit trees and ornamental from around the world. This garden boast the world’s largest collection of Asian fruit plants and today is one of Roatan outstanding Eco destinations. This name is appropriate for us at Carambola to honor this extraordinary American explorer, educator and friend of Latin America. After that, you will head down to west end fishing village for you to visit the chocolate & rum factory for a tour of the facility and try free sample of homemade chocolate and mixed rum and rum pastries here on the island. You will also have a chance to walk around the town for your shopping, dining, and photo opportunity of the highlights of the town before making your way down to West Bay Tabyana Beach for a nice cooling swim with your family and friends, you will have access to a beach chair, changing room, bathroom, fresh water shower, and free WI-FI.

$38 Day Trips & Excursions

Parque Nacional Punta Sal Day Trip from Tela

Offering you the very best of both coastal marine and tropical forest ecosystems, Jeanette Kawas National Park (Parque Nacional Punta Sal) is an excursion of diversity. Launching off across the Bay of Tela by ferry, dolphin are often seen en route to one of the most protected parts of Jeanette Kawas National Park (Parque Nacional Punta Sal).Exploring the peninsula on foot, through mangrove and tropical forest, you will have the opportunity to see howler monkeys. We will also have time of snorkeling in the turquoise waters of a coral reef where you will kick back and relax in true Caribbean-style on the beach of Cocalito.

$38 Outdoor Activities

Punta Izopo Wildlife Refuge from Tela

Starting from the coast of the Caribbean city of Tela, you will go to the jungle and the beach at the same time, passing through two Garifuna Villages until we reach to Punta Izopo National Park.When we arrive to the park we start the journey, kayaking through the maze of mangrove creeks and rivers making up the Río Plátano and the Río Hicaque Lagoon. As you penetrate the mangroves, paddling through the narrow channels, there is an incredible atmosphere as the greenery closes in around you. Here you realize how close you are to the sights and sounds of the tropics. Butterflies such as the Blue Morph abound as well as an ample variety of water birds including kingfishers and herons. We go back onto to the ranger for a visit to one of the Garifuna Villages were you can swim.

$49 Day Trips & Excursions

Los Micos Lagoon in Parque Nacional Punta Sal from Tela

One of the main attractions of the Jeannette Kawas National Park, Los Micos Lagoon abound in aquatic birds and monkeys.As a unique specialist tour, this excursion involves a launched tour by ferry of the country’s second largest lagoon, as well as an afternoon’s stay at the most typical Garifuna village in Honduras, Miami, both situated right on the ocean’s edge. The lagoon derives its name from the white-faced monkeys or ‘micos’ which frequent the mangroves. Laguna Los Micos is truly an astounding birdwatcher’s paradise with over 350 species sighted. A tour of the channels and islets will reward you with both an eco-adventure and the chance to see the skillful Garifuna fishermen at work, casting their nets.

$65 Day Trips & Excursions

Cayos Cochinos from Tela

Departing by vehicle from Tela. Launching off by ferry from Sambo Creek, we will travel for 1-hour to the virgin white beaches of Cayos Cochinos where we will leave you in awe as you look back at the mainland with the magnificent ‘Cordillera Gracias a Dios’ towering in the distance. Coral reefs and pristine sandy beaches make up this archipelago of 13 cays a “must see” on the Honduran North Coast. Enjoy a tour of the islands and a time of snorkeling while taking in the incredible tranquility of this marine biology reserve. Don’t miss trying a typical Garifuna style dish at Chachahuate Cay: fresh fish, plantains and fried rice & beans prepared with coconut milk.