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The most common phrase in Haiti might surprise you. It’s 'pa gen pwoblem,' and it translates to 'no have problem.' Haitians use it in a dizzying array of contexts: responding to thank-yous, asserting well-being, filling awkward silences. Despite Haiti’s well-documented struggles, exacerbated lately by natural disasters, proud Haitians use the phrase sincerely, conveying an uncanny ability to live in the moment and... Read More

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Dominican Outback Safari

Climb aboard a colorful, jungle-themed safari vehicle from your hotel in Puerto Plata. Throughout the tour, listen to engaging commentary from your knowledgeable guide about the island’s history since its independence from Haiti in 1844, and learn about the plant and wildlife you see along the way. Rumble aboard your vehicle through the backcountry and enjoy a fair amount of walking as well. Head into the jungle to visit a coffee and chocolate plantation, where you’ll walk the grounds, talk to the farmers and learn how they harvest their products. Then meet a typical Dominican family at their home and learn about their lives while you drink freshly brewed coffee or bite into locally made chocolate. Receive heartwarming insight into the local educational system when you visit a school. A teacher introduces you to a classroom of children; don’t be surprised by how much is communicated even if you may not speak the same language. Depending on the weather, cool off by taking a dip in a freshwater river. When your stomach rumbles in hunger, dig into a delicious family-style Dominican lunch and taste freshly cut fruit and sugarcane.Stop at a local rum shack to try, what else, but rum. Drink as much as rum, beer, soft drinks or water as you like during this all-inclusive tour. The shack also sells rum, cigars, coffee and other local products if you’d like to purchase some to take home as souvenirs or gifts. Get a kick out of seeing wildlife like crocodiles, iguanas, turtles and more at a local ranch. Next, continue to a 15-mile (24-km) stretch of secluded beach where you can boogie board in the Caribbean. Or simply dig your toes in the sand and soak up the sun with a cocktail in hand. After your rich day of culture, history, nature and beach time, you’ll be transported back to your hotel.

$391.25 Cultural & Theme Tours

East End Revival: A Photo Walking Tour with Photojournalist Stuart Freedman

When your booking is confirmed, you will receive comprehensive details about your experience, including Stuart's contact details and the meeting location. You will also receive a pre-experience questionnaire from the supplier, which is essential for Stuart to be able to tailor your tour to your interests. Stuart will meet the guests in Whitechapel, from where they will wander East London's streets armed with their cameras. Stuart will help the guests with composing interesting photographs of iconic East End scenes.  Stuart, a local, will inform guests about the history of the area and provide insights into attitudes towards gentrification in the area. You will finish up with a warming cuppa in a traditional pie'n'mash shop, an East London institution.An acclaimed photojournalist, Stuart's work has been featured in global publications such as Life, Geo, Time, Der Spiegel, Newsweek and The Sunday Times Magazine. His career spans over 25 years, and he has covered the world, with notable assignments in Afghanistan and Haiti. Listen to his stories and learn what makes a great composition in London's East End. 

$330 Day Trips & Excursions

Lago Enriquillo Day Trip from Santo Domingo

After early morning hotel pickup by comfortable minivan in Santo Domingo, travel with your guide and enjoy the scenery as you head west toward Lago Enriquillo, located in southwestern Dominican Republic near the border with Haiti. Recognized as both the largest lake and the lowest point in the Caribbean at 148 feet (45 meters) below sea level, Lago Enriquillo continues to rise. Arrive at the lake midmorning and stretch your legs with a short (albeit steep) hike up to nearby Las Caritas, a Taíno cave covered in indigenous carvings of mask figures. As you hear about the archaeological site’s history, take in sweeping panoramas of the lake and Bahoruco mountains. Then back aboard your minivan, enter the national park and marvel at the massive body of saltwater, spanning 77 square miles (200 sq km), with the desert stretch of Isla Cabritos (Goat Island) in its center. Learn about the geological formation of the lake, the remnants of an old channel that once connected Neiba Bay to Port-au-Prince. It now serves as the Dominican Republic’s largest water reserve.Walk along Lago Enriquillo and spot some of the 200 American crocodiles that call the lake home. You’re also likely to see flamingos, terns, herons and egrets.Follow your guide for the next leg of your journey: a boat ride that gives you even better vantage points of the lake’s wildlife en route to Isla Cabritos. When you arrive, hop out and stroll around the 7-mile-long (12-km) arid island as your guide explains its geology and history. Pass by cacti, and keep your eyes peeled for giant iguanas, and even scorpions. If you’re here in the spring, butterflies flit about desert blooms. (Note: In case of bad weather, the boat ride to Isla Cabritos will be cancelled, with more time spent at Las Caritas.) After the park, head to a restaurant in the neighboring town of La Descubierta, and tuck into a hearty lunch buffet (sample menu below) featuring local cuisine. During your meal, enjoy a performance of merengue, a style of music and dance native to the Dominican Republic. Wrap up your wildlife sightseeing with a 45-minute visit to Oviedo Lagoon, a UNESCO biosphere preserve located on the Dominican Republic's southern coast. During the boat ride, catch sight of a wide variety of migratory birds that populate the 20 small islands dotting the lagoon. Then board your minivan and arrive at your Santo Domingo hotel in the evening.Sample buffet menu: Vegetable salad Variety of locally made breads Rice with steamed vegetables and bean sauce Pastas Steamed fish Southern-style chicken Variety of local sweets Soda, juice, water

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Highlights of Haiti

There is a place in the Caribbean where the tourists don't go; a tropical, rugged place of waterfalls, secret caves, and mountains that scrape the sky. It's a place of bold flavours, intoxicating music, mischievous gods, and colourful art; where the only thing stronger than the rum is the spirit of the people who live there. It's a place where only true travellers go; a place for the brave and the curious. The name of that place? Haiti. Yes, Haiti. This ten-day encounter draws back the veil on this extraordinary, vibrant, and indomitable nation. Experience the energy of Port-au-Prince, the colourful art of Jacmel, the iconic (and UNESCO-protected) Citadelle Laferrière, nurture the arts with at-risk children, and learn the folklore behind Haitian Vodou. Haiti has a future. Be a part of it.

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Highlights of Haiti and Carnival

Picture it: Brightly-coloured masks and costumes, loud Caribbean music drifting through the air from large speakers on the backs of trucks, thousands of dancing revellers, and food stands with local fares and drinks – especially local rum – aplenty. This is Kanaval! Experience an authentic Caribbean carnival with loads of time left to explore the rest of the country on this nine-day tour. After watching the festivities in Jacmel, you’ll visit the Bassin-Bleu waterfall, the famous Citadelle Laferrière fortress, and even meet a Vodou priest, all while learning about (and filling up on!) Creole cuisine and culture along the way. Just say wi.