Top choice in Haiti

Your basic paradise, this tiny island offers white sand, a lush core of trees, and turquoise water where snorkelers encounter centuries-old cannon and anchors. Columbus is said to have given the island its alternate name – Amiga – for the female companion that would accompany him here. Indigenous artifacts have also been unearthed here. Boat taxi captains in Labadie charge around US$50 for a round-trip excursion and US$15 for cooking up a lunch of whatever the local fishermen catch that day.

On days when the Royal Caribbean ship is docked, the cruise line sends speedboats of cruisers to the island to buy overpriced cocktails and bottles of water from contracted caterers. Independent travelers can visit the island too via private transportation, availing themselves of sun loungers and the bar. Or go DIY and load a cooler of rum and Prestige: amenities on the island are only available when the cruise passengers are visiting.