Cerro Tzankujil

San Marcos La Laguna

This nature reserve is on a sacred hill west of San Marcos village. Well-maintained pebbly trails lead to swimming areas with shelters by the bank and a diving platform. The water is crystal clear here. A branch off the main trail ascends to a Maya altar on the summit, while a lower spur reaches a volcano lookout.

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Nearby San Marcos La Laguna attractions

1. Museo Tz'unun 'Ya

1.94 MILES

This museum focuses on the history of the Tz'utujil people and geology of the region, with a film on the formation of the lake and an interesting gallery…

3. Parque Central

6.02 MILES

Here you’ll find a stone monument that commemorates Concepción Ramírez, the woman on the back of the 25 centavo coin, and a basin that contains a relief…

4. Iglesia Parroquial Santiago Apóstol

6.06 MILES

The formidable parish church was built by the Franciscans in the mid-16th century. A memorial plaque just inside the entrance on your right commemorates…

5. Museo de Sololá

6.14 MILES

Housed atop the elaborate Swiss-built clock tower that fronts the city hall, the museum is devoted to photograph exhibits and the clock mechanism itself,…

6. Reserva Natural Atitlán

6.65 MILES

A former coffee plantation being reclaimed by natural vegetation, this reserve is 200m past the Hotel Atitlán on the northern outskirts of town. It makes…

7. Parque de Paz

6.69 MILES

During the civil war, Santiago became the first village in the country to succeed in expelling the army, following a notorious massacre of 13 villagers on…

8. Museo Lacustre Atitlán

6.76 MILES

Inside the Hotel Posada de Don Rodrigo, this museum has displays on the history of the Atitlán region and the volcanic eruptions that created its…